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or "how to " with Bronco loo roll!!

or how to avoid being a "wet blanket" to your hubby!

...or women and "their man!"...or even  how to be a "wise Mummy!"

This web page looks at women's magazines and some of the adverts they contained in the  1950`s. The adverts that I have picked have to a large extent been governed by the position of them to the spine of the magazine and the actual physical condition of the magazine. Many interesting adverts could not be used as to scan them would harm the publication which in all cases is now half a century old.

That said I hope you find this selection of great interest. Looking at them will make you realise how thankfully times have changed for women...it is vital not to slip back.  Women in the last century and early 20th paid a heavy price for common suffrage, while women who went to the factories in the wartime gave birth to girls who would take this struggle on through the sixties and seventies to achieve what has been seen to be the almost 99.9% equality with men, certainly not 100%; at least in the western world.

From my perspective as a single parent and someone who runs a single parent group here in Plymouth UK, women are in danger of "losing it" in the common parlance of today. In the 80`s it was not uncommon for a woman member to be independent with her child , and remain in membership for 2-3 years and sometimes longer. This continued until the early 90`s. Of late, the last 5 or so years things are changing. No longer do women stay in membership for a long time....living and making their own way in society along with their children. We are lucky to get a few months of membership before the parent meets a guy...and leans on him for an emotional..and sadly a growing financial crutch. Despite the spoken words of these women....(20-35 years) that they seek independence, it is not very long before they meet a man....who often has abandoned one family, and either have him move in with them.....or while still maintaining that they are "solo" (and struggling on their own) seek near constant male emotional support and even worse, financial support too. It may be argued that this is good for the children. Personally I feel it is better, especially for female children, to see an independent and socially stable mother. Things on the ground here though are such that I have dairy products in my kitchen with a longer shelf life than a typical single mum`s "singleness" here in Plymouth!" Correspondence invited......(written in 1998)

Women must not drift back!....Surely it was not easier in days past?.....

Enough of my opinions:


Alka seltzer

My Home April 1955

Cadbury`s chocolate biscuits April 1955

Brillo soap pads

Bronco toilet paper...ever tried this??...amazing stuff.....a rough ride, reaches the parts that other loo rolls can`t reach..thankfully!!

Bex house wares

Kelloggs Cornflakes

Cadbury`s drinking chocolate


...."Mines a Cannon"(cooker)

....a real family Ma(i)n (cooker)

Beasleys Corsets

Brolac paint

Haven Protected foods

fancy a 7 day free trial for an ironing board!!?

Izal Toilet roll...another lethal bottie scalping...er, sorry, scrapping... offering...was still in production at least till 1995, possibly still is!!!


My Home May 1955

Birds Custard May 1955

Min Cream


My House October 1957

Heinz Spaghetti

Fairy Soap

Persil washes whiter........

Persil for coloureds too!

..."I`m a plumber".....(and a man..more importantly!)


sewing machines

Ryvita Crackers

Elecrtolux vacuum cleaner.......1............2........


more wool!

Tide washes cleanest

.."My Husband!......said I was a wet blanket!!"

....."You`ve got a wise Mummy"....(pretty good as she`s a woman [or rather a non-male] and it`s 1950!)

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