Plymouth in Old Photographs


a collection of photos; glass plates to snaps, Victorian to early 1930`s

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Over the years I have collected many old photos, some as print, some as acetate film, others as fragile glass plate, some as copies, and now with the Internet, some electronically mailed to me from the other side of the world. Here are some of them, these are the "odds and sods" all unmarked but local to the Plymouth area...I know my way around old Plymouth in my mind`s eye. The order I have presented them in is just as they an extent!..or my fancy! The picnic outings you will see could have been, Church, Sunday School, or a "works" outing, or possibly the outing of the staff of a large country house.


fishy, fishy on the Fish Quay, Barbican Plymouth

to catch a fishy for my dishy? boys at Fish Quay steps......smelt bashing!

the Torpoint Ferry circa 1880

Plymouth Hoe pier...close up

Plymouth Hoe pier....further back (pier was Blitzed in war) the pier

Hop, on the Hoe Pier..or is it a jump?

ladies on the Hoe

Mayflower Steps area, looking across to Tothill, Coxside and Queen Anne Battery

West Hoe pier

boys having a paddle at Tinside with West Hoe pier in the background

Port of Plymouth Model Boat Club, based at what was the Royal Western Yacht Club and is now the Waterside Bar, and another different view and also another one

Bovisand Harbour, countless visitors have come here from Plymouth Barbican by boat. note floating targets (centre and right) used for naval gunnery practice when towed behind a launch. 1920? - 1930?

Herring? fishing boat PH 229 (Plymouth Harbour)

Herring? fishing boat PH 378 (Plymouth Harbour)

the "John May" steaming out of Sutton Pool

sailing in the Cattewater

a very heavily laden sailing barge enters Sutton Harbour with Phoenix Wharf and Mt. Batten breakwater in background


sailing in two`s

sailed up the river, or a river?

sailing out past Mt. Batten breakwater

Two ladies in front of a boat *

this must be off Western Kings, (Devils Point) but I just can`t fix the exact spot it could even be Eastern Kings or the Hoe

JUST LOOK AT THIS ONE: a Gig with raised oars in the sea off Nazareth House, Devils Point. note Prince of Wales Battery, the fortification seen at right brooding over hillside of Eastern Kings.

I should know this one, but I don`t, it`s not Plymouth, but it is familiar

and the same here, I should know this one, but I don`t, it`s not Plymouth, but it is familiar, is it Hayle in Cornwall, or Noss Mayo in Devon not too far from Plymouth

a man with a very silly hat on

on the rocks, Plymouth Hoe


in these a lot of familiar faces turn up in each photograph

this little bunch of pals are near Cawsand and the old fishing cellars and are later than most of the above, maybe early 20s - 30s

the trip to the beach

Ahoy there!


a boat full *

three bathing belles

learning to swim?

on the beach, what a super shot, the Cellars (as ruins) are still there

another similar to above

what a lovely pony tail she has

girl sitting on a rock and a boy drinking out of a Codd bottle

boat on the beach

the picnic party

and another

same location, I think, but a different group, love the school cap

another picnic party at Barn Pool, Mt. Edgecumbe

sitting in the briney

more sitting in the briney with Milton`s Temple in the distance

boat on the beach

another different party or trip

rowing in to Barn Pool at Mt. Edgecumbe

on the stoney beach at Barn Pool with Milton`s Temple in background WHAT A PHOTO!

on the seashore under Garden Battery at Mt. Edgecumbe WHAT A PHOTO!

and yet another, this time it`s Bovisand

on the rocks

on the remains of the stumpy pier remains on the main beach

standing on the sand


on yer bike

bunk up?

"I spy"

now look dear, this is the tail,not the starter, and it`s a goat

allo, allo, allo, Devonport Police at Devonport Guildhall and Police Station


up by the reed beds

picnic by the river bank

on a grassy riverbank up river from the Brunel Rail Bridge across the Tamar (seen in distance)



a group outing

under the old oak tree

on what looks like "fresh" water, who is that man in the Top Hat?

BANG! big guns at Grenville Battery, Maker Heights, near Plymouth

Colebrook at Plympton, near Plymouth, now part of Plymouth

how civilised!

* same ladies in beach photos

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thanks to Plymouth City Museum and Gerald Barker for their long standing support of my work along with the citizens of Plymouth in loan of material and "general backing!" and more. Thanks

Daddy, is that the Hoe and is this Plymouth Sound? Where you can see the sea and hear the sound!

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