Officers of Submarines building at Cammell Laird

Lieutenant-Commander R. N. Garnett, R.N.

Lieutenant-Commander T. C. C. Lloyd, R.N.

Lieutenant P. E. J. Ryan, R.N. Laid to rest at North Curry, near Taunton, Somerset - plaque

Lieutenant (E) A. G. J. Jamison, R.N

Other Naval Officers

Commander R. G. B. Hayter, R.N.

Commander L. G. Pennington, R.N.

Engineer Captain S. Jackson, R.N.

Lieutenant (E) C. M. H. Henderson, R.N.

Admiralty and Overseeing Officers

Mr W. H. Aslett

Mr F. Bailey

Mr E. Gisborne

Mr A. A. F. Hill

Mr C. W. Horne

Mr H. Horsman

Mr L. W. Hunn

Employees of Cammell Laird and Co., Ltd

Managers and Foremen

Mr J. I. Armstrong

Mr R. W. Crout

Mr R. Kipling

Mr W. Owen

Mr A. B. Robinson

Mr R. Rogerson

Mr A. S. Watkinson


Mr W. B. Beatty


Mr S. Broad

Mr A. G. Chinn

Mr C. J. S. Hamilton

Mr E. H. Lewis

Mr W. H. Smith

Mr G. A. Somers

Engine Fitters

Mr F. R. Bresner

Mr W. Brown

Mr H. Eccleston

Mr J. Griffiths

Mr R. Homer

Mr J. A. Page

Mr P. L. Quinn

Mr C. Smith

Ship Fitters

Mr A. Craven

Mr G. L. Scarth

Mr W. Wattcrson

Employees of Vickers-Armstrong, Ltd

Mr T. Ankers

Mr H. T. Cragg

Mr D. V. Tyler

Mr J. Young

Employee of Brown Bros. and Co., Ltd

Mr D. N. Duncan

Mersey Pilot

Mr N. D. Willcox

Employees of City Caterers (Liverpool), Ltd

Mr W. G. Bath

Mr G. H. Dobells

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