remembering the Coronation Fleet Review of King George VI at Spithead

Thursday May 20th. 1937

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July 1935 saw a grand review of the Royal Naval Fleet off Spithead for the Silver Jubilee of King George V. The above publication was issued to commemorate the next review in honour of the Coronation of King George VI when 160 ships were for review, the same number as at the previous occasion. Here are some of the illustrations from it. Over the passing of time they have become historically interesting, especially if you live in Portsmouth, when at the previous 1935 review you may have purchased this commemorative postcard. There was also a smaller "review" in 1935 at Plymouth Sound where this photo was taken from Plymouth Hoe. note Hoe Pier later to be bombed and burnt out in a World War II Blitz.


a map showing where all the ships were positioned....what a lot!!

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