The Demise of Women's Independence in late 1990's Britain

did these young girls - ?

go through all this -

for their sisters in the 1990's, to throw it all away?

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When I first planned this page is was to be a straightforward platform to show these excellent original suffragette photos from earlier in the 20th century. They were taken by a man who was a Chief Petty Officer in the Royal Navy based at HMS Defiance in Plymouth: perhaps he was in London by chance when all this happened, or maybe he went up specially.

However, recent developments locally have made me feel "was all this worth it?"

In the 1980`s I had many women friends and colleagues who were truly independent. Making their own way in the world on their own, many had children from a previous relationship and were now living as a single parent family, providing for their childs emotional and financial support by their own deeds.

However it seems that now we are in the late 1990`s all that has changed. I scarcely know a woman friend or colleague who is "single." By that I mean unattached in both emotional and practical terms. All. yes ALL, seem to have a man friend in the distance, who provides emotional and financial support. Many of these women say that they are independent and solo, yet when asked about holidays or week end plans...."going with thingy" or what is the reply.

As a man who has raised his son as a single dad with a care order for 17 years I feel I am uniquely qualified to comment on this. Single mums seem to be single about a few weeks, many start return to work courses, or begin to make up for the initial education they missed...only to throw the whole lot away when they meet a new man as " they do not have the time!" This is appalling to me , such a waste. To compound matters, many of these men ...selected as suitable by these women, have started families with other women, fathered children....then abandoned them.....find themselves a new woman, become a "new dad" to her children...while forgetting their own, maybe father new children with the new partner, and then move off again. This is known as "moving on" a term which I dislike immensely.

Years ago in many single parent support groups, we would have women in two and three years and sometimes more, of consecutive membership. Now we are lucky if we get more than a couple of months....before a man appears, and they go. Recently I was involved in a very exciting IT project with such a women as discussed here...for several weeks...full steam ahead, then a man appears, and she has abandoned the she a 90`s women...please no!! Yet to me in provincial England, she is the norm.

My case rests that men aim to make women pregnant to stake their claim, make their mark.."Brand them!!" like cattle!!It is to many men the ultimate public expression of their pathetic prehistoric manhood to see the fruits of their loins...walking about...without to much responsibility, naturally...Why do women let them get away with it? And then invite them back for more?

These women are not young....many are mid twenties to forties, age does not seem to matter.How much tax payers money is "wasted?" on providing educational possibilities for these have men and their sad masculinity snatch it away from them....

If women are in control, they must like this and it must be ok, suffragettes must turn in their graves.