Dave Elworthy of Cawsand, Cornwall, UK

Man of the Sea

at sea with Dave on the Nor-Rocker


fishing with Dave, my Father holds the gaff  on  the photo at left

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At an age of 16, in 1970 Dave Elworthy taught me much. He was Skipper of the charter angling boat "Nor-Rocker" out of the then embryonic Plymouth Sea Angling Centre. He taught me much of my understanding of the sea, tides, drift, marks....sparking my interest in the many wartime ship wrecks that litter the bottom of the sea off Plymouth in the Western Approaches.

My imagination ran wild when out fishing with Dave on the Nor-Rocker if my line got fouled on the bottom, it would not be a rock, but a bit of old ship, maybe a torpedo or gun had snared my hook so may fathoms below.

This love of the sea, of mystery and what could be, probably is, but must remain unseen below, has carried me through to middle age. It has also transfused across to my son who had the same sense of wonder of the sea, of wrecks, wartime wrecks, of giant conger and ling that I had in those summer days of 1970 out with Dave when the sound of the Beach Boys "Cottonfields" rattled out of his radio as the echo sounder trace showed we were above the pinnacle at the Hand Deeps.

I caught my first big fish with Dave, 30lb Conger, then a 48 lb one. Recently...1994.. I managed to get to 60lb`er.. except the wrecks fished now are closer to France than Plymouth.

I knew other members of Dave's family and would often go fishing with John, one of his sons.

Here John is seen on the rocks at Queener Point. This shot is of John by the old range board that marked out the field firing area of Penlee Battery when it was a vital part of our Coastal Defence. I visited this place a few years ago to find the sign long gone, but the post still there, naked and forlorn. Close by here are the two cliff copses that make the most ideal and perfect picnic spots imaginable as one is serenaded by the twin voices of wind and wave.

Once John and I made the adventurous climb down to the beach at Eastern Gear, the self timer seems to have worked - or "someone" took this photo, you can just se us among the kelp - circled to stand out better. 25 years later I repeated this climb with my young son .

I recall Dave had a white Jaguar and sometimes would pick me up. The time I spent with him and his son John helped cement the long lasting love I have for the sea and for the Rame area, a love that is still with me today, as much as it was then, a love that I have passed on to my son .

Through Dave, my son, and myself, I do all I can to pass on to others the glory of Rame.

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