The Gunnery School of

HMS Cambridge in the 1890's.

near Plymouth, Devon, England.

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These images come from issues of the Navy and Army Illustrated from the turn of the century. The originals are on public view at the Local Studies dept. of Plymouth Central Library, Devon, England.

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HMS Cambridge had a Captain, just look at his uniform Captain W.M. Lang R.N.
The officers and men were proud to show themselves off.
Cambridge was essentially a floating school composed of out of date naval vessels, it had shore outposts and did target practice up the river ( see my other pages ) and at sea with seagoing gunnery vessels that used the floating hulks as a mother ship.
Some of these sea going gunnery vessels had BIG GUNS!!! This is HMS Conqueror.
Classrooms were afloat and saw much varied activity.
Diving annd ammunition instruction was on the curriculum. You can see some of the mud flats exposed at low tide that was used as a cannon ball shooting range and today holds hundreds if not thousands of cannon balls for the brave mud walking up-to -your ears-in it explorer! Look up the cannon ball site mentioned below for photos of this site today, complete with balls.
Ashore on the rifle range at Trevol, which is now in active use by HMS Raleigh, shooting skills were taught, as were raiding party put a party of men and guns ashore. These images show infantry in a square to resist cavalry, field gun drill, rifle drill with Martini Henry Rifles.


and now boys and`s story these pages and have a superb mind picture of life afloat in the 1890`s and early 1900`s. Yes, I know they are not straight, you will have to sort it yourself, it is not easy to scan large bulky documents.
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