His Majesty's Ship and her Westcountry crew in

World War Two

in the Med', Malta and the action at Sicily

photos from "Johno" Les Johnson CPO, ERA, Devonport Division

also photos of HMS MARNE, LIVERPOOL and ILLUSTRIOUS, early post-war

click on image:"Johno"is standing, arms folded at far right

Taken at Devonport Aug.26 1944 after Mauritius had been in action off Brittany

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ships company HMS Marne 1948: click on image

HMS Liverpool, Malta, 1948, ERA`s..."Johno" is fourth from right

HMS Marne entering Malta 1948

HMS Liverpool, Malta, Victory Day 1946

August 1943, "Ave Maria"icon found in Italian gun position at Augusta, Sicily shelled by HMS Mauritius, a cruiser

as above showing barricade and shelled gun position

ERA`s mess, HMS Mauritius, Christmas 1943, Malta, "Johno" is standing second from left...with cigar? CLICK HERE for whose who!

HMS Mauritius

HMS Mauritius on convoy duty

Engine room, HMS Mauritius, ERA`s Russell, Lowe, Henderson, and ? with stokers too

two views as above

HMS Mauritius at sea and making smoke

HMS Marne in rough seas January 1946 from stern of HMS Musketeer while en route to Algiers, and a view off Cape ? in heavy seas

HMS Liverpool`s ERA`s Gig crew Suez Canal 1942

press cutting from Western Evening Herald Sat 26 August 1944; see main title photo

HMS Illustrious, Capt. H.D. Stephens RN, Spithead 1946, another one of "Johno`s" ships; but hey, look at this, just read what somebody has written in pencil on the back....not about or to do with "Johno" tho` CLICK HERE to find about about Betty Grable, come in L/WTR(Ty) R.P. Court D/MX`ve been rumbled!

To see a "Blue Nose" certificate from HMS Illustrious in 1952 when in Artic waters, CLICK HERE

These photos which came to light after the completion of the main page:

a group of ERA`s from HMS Liverpool relax at Malta in 1942/43

here is "Johno"at left with Rowland Simpson at Cape Town on Monday 20 April 1942

some more ERA`s, except soldier in helmet, aboard Dominion Monarch in March 1942, on route to Bombay, "Johno" is in front row at far right

this is a beautiful shot taken from HMS Mauritius in rough sea with a beautiful sky, download this one!

this is a shore musical band shot of ERA apprentices at HMS Fisgard, Torpoint, Cornwall 1941-2, just across the Tamar from Plymouth, "Johno" is second from left

here is an upper deck slide on HMS Liverpool at a "V Day" party, probably at Malta on June (May?) 8 1946

Nov 45 sees "Johno" at left walking along Via Roma, the main road and shopping area of Naples

shots taken at Mt. Levina, Ceylon, in May 42.left is beach and hotel, centre is "Johno"at right and Herby, right photo is Smiler Burton

"Johno" here at left on board HMS?, while other two show him relaxing at 8, Swilly Crescent, home of his fiancÚ Gladys Eileen mum! in May 1941. Her parents were Frank and Maud Fleming, Frank , my Grandfather was a dockyard shipwright. At far right "Johno" is with Lofty Hayward in the coppersmiths shop on HMS Liverpool eating jelly and ice cream

at left is HMS Surprise referred to on the back of the photo as the "Admirals pleasure boat" for entertaining wives and top brass big are camels at Suez,, then an unknown alongside shot, next R.M.S. Queen Mary steams in the distance, and finally any unknown vessel steams through the Suez canal

These next two links show a "log" of HMS Mauritius between 1940 and 44, lots of statistics, distances steamed, days at sea.....troops carried, and something to do with "bricks"...this is at the bottom of page 2

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For a high quality scan of a Christmas card from HMS Mauritius sent to "Gladys and Johnny (Johno)" from Chick, alias Doug CLICK HERE

more views of battlefield after naval gunnery bombardment at Augusta, Sicily, August 1943

Pete Dawson, Mac and Baron, Mech. Chief Stokers, enjoy the water at English Point, Mombassa, East Africa in May 43

ERA`s from HMS Mauritius, click here for whose who

left to right: all Augusta, Sicily, Augusta 1943,

left, picking grapes in Sicilian vineyard, next Sicilian peasants, then a "ginger" nice guy, went on to officer training in UK, may be called Bert,....and ?

all these are HMS Mauritius ERA`s 1942-43

Bill Lowe and "me"??? Bill Lowe and "Tiny" Fulcher, for a different shot of same people, click here

a Boxing match

For a large scan 350k, CLICK HERE for a copy dated 15th April 1942 of King Neptunes certificate to "Johno" for crossing the equatorial line in the Indian Ocean on HMS Enterprise under the command of Capt. G.E.M. O`Donnell DSO, RN

April 15 was later to become "Johno" and Gladys wedding day in the future

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