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Hello again from me, Steve Johnson. This is a hotch potch collection of images of maps of Plymouth, Devon, England. Where have they come from? Postcards, old book illustrations, fax? and e-mail! and even by my local postie person. Thanks to you all. Please do not e-mail me any images without contacting me in advance unless they are less than 100k, thanks.

I know little of the exact details of these maps - except that they interest me greatly, look lovely, are full of little intriguing detail, and above all deserve to have as widest an audience as possible. So here they are. Some are big files 800k, most are 70k to 200k. If you feel the files are to big, remember that the bigger files will download well and print out as a decent A4 sized print - which you can frame, or if at school or college, put in with your project work.

The images are "raw" in the sense that I have not tried to improve them - I`ll leave you to do that!

Map of Plymouth, about 1540 - 475k

Tavistock at left top, Plympton at right, Saltash at left. It is interesting to see just how much of Plymouth was invaded by tidal waters, and the ways across them - often with tidal mills.

A TRVE MAPP AND DISCRIPTION OF THE TOWne of Plymouth and the Fortifications thereof with the workes and approaches of the Enemy at the last Seige AD 1643 (not my spelling or typing) - 525k

A Civil War Map. Saltash at top left, St. Budeaux Church and Eggbuckland Church at top, Plymstock at bottom right. Note fortified town of Plymouth fed with drinking water from Drake`s Leat.

Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse, Stoke, Morice-Town and Ford - and the neighbourhood. Lithographed and printed by W.H. Maddock, 86, Treville Street, Plymouth. 1877 - LEFT. 885k........RIGHT. 815k - Note walled defences of Devonport, (Plymouth Dock)

A PLAN of the TOWN annd CITADEL of PLYMOUTH 1765- 340K

Sutton Pool, Plymouth Barbican is seen. Frankfort Gate, once a gate through the town`s defences is seen at left, it is now rememebered as a shopping area.Coxside and Teats Hill is at right,with the Citadel at bottom. Possibly this is the colour original of it, or it`s basis? 105k


Engraved by John Cooke, Stonehouse, Plymouth 1820. See how Millbay and Stonehouse Creek eat into the hinterland of Plymouth, Stonehouse Creek almost going all the way around the back of the town of Plymouth.

BOROUGH OF PLYMOUTH, ENGRAVED BY JOHN COOKE - 1820. Published April 15, 1820, by Mr(s) E. Nile, No. 48, Union Street, Stonehouse - 590k "DEDICATED to the Mayor, COMMONALTY, and inhabitants of the BOROUGH of Plymouth"

Shown is Millbay to Cat(te)down and Laira and across to Mt. Batten.

PLYMOUTH, DEVONPORT AND STONEHOUSE - 590K Drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin. Illustrations drawn and engraved by H. Bibby. Published by John Tallis & Company, London & New York. It shows Stoke, where I live, as being quite rural.

O/S map of Keyham about 1890? - 500k COLOUR - Note Keyham Lake, now a park, still maintaining it`s link with the past in it`s local name of "The Marsh." "Magazine Lane" - being very near where I live (Healy Place) has never been fully explained, I feel it may have been the gunpowder supply route to the Victorian fortification at Mount Pleasant at Stoke - The Blockhouse -it has an underground magazine at its south-west corner.

O/S map of Keyham about 1890? - the south part of the above map -745k COLOUR - shows the part of Devonport known as "Morice Town" and "Navy Row" which is now called Albert Road. At map ref.428 is the pear orchard of Pentamer Villa. The villa still stands, although only as a "half" as the other half was bombed in the war. My modern house is built on part of this orchard. My neighbour lives in the surviving half of Pentamer Villa and he still has the original pear trees that still bear pears.

Map of Plymouth and area late 1500`s? - 335k COLOUR - note River Plym at right and Drake`s Leat coming in from top. Note Landulph and Saltash at left, Plympton St. Maurice at right, Plym(me) Bridge at top right.

Map of Plymouth, Whitesands and South Hams and area late 1500`s? -275k COLOUR - Note Rame Head on left and a pretty huge Mewstone (an island) on right. The Norman Motte and Bailey Castle at Plympton St. Maurice is to be seen at right (toppish).

Walled Plymouth - 400k COLOUR ?date? note walls completely encircling Plymouth. Also see just how far the "Mill Bay" encroached into Plymouth and made at one time that part of Plymouth along the bottom of Union Street - into a salt marsh.

French Map of the Citadel to Plymouth Dock ?date? - 100k COLOUR The Citadel is at left and the fortifications of Plymouth Dock at right - this is a sort of upside down kind of map. Similar again, French, showing Drake`s Island as being St. Nicholas Island.- 160k COLOUR

The Citadel and a panorama of Sutton Pool at the Barbican ?date? - 155k COLOUR

The Citadel and a panorama of Sutton Pool at the Barbican ?date? - 150k COLOUR

Part of above, Plymouth and Barbican Panorama looking South from a Northerly position as regard the town ?date? - 70k COLOUR. The Citadel is shown here in detail -135k COLOUR. This shows Drake`s Island, the town and St. Andrews Church -110k COLOUR Here is a bird`s eye view of the houses at the Barbican from the same map - 75k COLOUR

Panorama of Plymouth and the approaches to the Hamoaze from Mt. Edgecumbe - 50k COLOUR ?date? Note Dartmoor in distance. Looking more directly up the Hamoaze, the tidal River Tamar - 90k COLOUR

O/S map of central Plymouth about 1890? - 195k COLOUR

O/S map of the Barbican area of Plymouth about 1890? - 165k COLOUR

O/S map of the Octagon area of Plymouth about 1890? -215k COLOUR

Oblique panorama view of the Hamoaze and Stonehouse ?date? - 60k COLOUR

Map of Plymouth, Plymouth Sound, Penlee Point and Rame Head at left, Wembury at right ?date?- 55k COLOUR (needs to be turned 90 degrees to right)

Panorama - At Anchor in Plymouth Sound ?date? - 50k COLOUR

A Correct Draught of PLYMOUTH SOUND, CATT WATER and HAM OUSE ?date? -100K COLOUR. Shows the many waterways and anchorage's in Plymouth Sound and the Hamoaze.

Map of South West England ?date? - 45k COLOUR

Bearings and line of sights within Plymouth Sound ?date? - 165k COLOUR

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