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Plymouth History

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The Blitz Photos of Lady Nancy Astor

Patsy Drake tells us "I could have danced all night" in the open air on Plymouth Hoe after the air raids

"Woolworths are required in this city" F.W.Woolworth Store No.56 fighting on the Blitz front to serve Plymouthians on their Home Front

A.R.P. maps of Plymouth during the Blitz

"A Plan for Plymouth": Phoenix Plymouth will arise from the Blitz Ashes

Victor Lumas; Plymouths Forgotten Wartime Artist is Remembered

A Picture Post photographer looks at a "Bombed-out" Plymouth family in:"The Warning of Plymouth"

National Geographic Magazine sees a defiant city: "A City that Refused to Die"

A personal story of the Plymouth Blitz - from one who was there

Lufwaffe aerial reconaissance photographs of Plymouth

W.D. Plans of Plymouth and district Fortresses

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"Steve Johnson aims to bring Plymouth`s history to the world. Keeping and guarding his City`s history on your behalf, taking it FREE to all corners of the it seems nobody else will. Just think how many meetings, lunches, memos, plans, policies have NOT been acted on in the time it has taken you to surf these those who are paid to do it...but don`t.."

Plymouth History

it`s your history: look after it in your own way....because it`s unlikely that many others will. Steve Johnson is disheartened that so much of his city`s history is not available to the public, to our visitors and our youth

These pages are dedicated to the memory of Wartime Plymouth`s First Lady, Nancy Astor, from her native Virginia in the USA she made our city her home and it`s people her pride. I hope she would approve.

Lady Nancy Astor

Thanks are due: to lots of people, private citizens, Devon County Council, Plymouth Libraries, West Devon Record Office, Plymouth Museum,West-Ho Photo Archive, The Photoview West photo archive, Mr and Mrs. Fe-Fong of Tavistock, Miss Goinge of Plymstock, plus others too numerous to mention, all of whom have sent, faxed, scanned and e-mailed, and even posted me images of a vanished Plymouth.....and the car boot sales....trash and treasure to many of you

The scenery remains the same, it`s just that the people change

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