German Airforce Reconnaissance Photographs of Plymouth in World War II

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Ever since the end of the Second World War, copies of photographs similar and often identical to these appear in second hand shops, junk shops and of late, "antique shops."

They show the Dockyard, the Tamar rail bridge, the Naval Armament Depot at Bullpoint, the main Plymouth Rail line, and the many military bases and defences around Plymouth.The Lufwaffe knew what they were after and where it was.

at left, Staddon Defences, right the Tamar, rail bridge, main line and RNAD Bullpoint

at left is HM Dockyard Devonport and Torpoint with the naval oil depot at Thankes: right is RNAD Bullpoint

There are dozens of different shots, with varying details as regards the overprinting of technical details. It is often said that many were taken just pre war by a "commercial" German aerial mapping flight from the local airport, which was then called Roborough.

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