Dancing on the Hoe

"I wonder what he`s called? I bet it`s Hank or something like that. He never stops chewing. I like the way he smiles, Englishmen can`t dance like this, he really likes it.....it`s not just to put an arm around a girl either"

........"it`s a good job my father can`t see me now...I`m wearing a .hole in my shoes......it`s fun dancing in the fresh air, I`d like to go on dancing all night"

........and dancing and dancing and dancing on the Hoe

a look at the wartime Blitz dance images available from the photographs of Lady Nancy Astor and as recorded on film in" The Way We Live"


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Lady Astor`s photographs..thanks to that car boot sale again..see main page!

Lady Astor dances with a sailor on the Hoe

a young girl sings ..for her supper..on the Hoe..I have actually met her, she went on to be a professional singer!

here she sings again to an obviously energetic audience

a crowd dances on the Hoe with a barrage balloon and Smeaton`s Tower in the background

spectators gather around to form a dance circle, see the remains of the bombed Plymouth Pier in the distance

two sailors dance with two girls on a summer evening

is this the "okey - cokey?"

from the film "The Way We Live"

A young Plymouth girl, living in St. Budeaux found film stardom in the wartime film "The Way We Live." This film was a TwoCities production showing the rise of Plymouth..."Plymouth: masts with sunsets fired" from the ashes of German air raids. She was called Patsy Scantlebury which was to become the most appropriate Patsy Drake upon her marriage.

In the film she plays a 17 year old Plymouthian, Alice Copperwheat, it is she who "jitterbugs" on the Hoe with an American sailor. The title words are taken from the film script of Alice speaking.

Alice jitterbugs with her Yank in front of the Drake memorial....1.....2......3....

crowds on the Hoe: a strip of grass known to half the world

English sailor tries to "cop on"...he fails...(ps I know how he feels!)

the Yank scores!

a lot of dancing, and no doubt romancing

spectators nestle around the base of the Drake memorial, note loudspeakers

Alice and her "Yank"

they jitterbug...1......2......

Press clippings about Patsy....1......2........3.........4.....

Dancing on the Hoe in the 1990`s....as still happens from time to time.....1........2.........3


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