Pink Floyd in Concert


London`s Earl`s Court


Concert photos and news clippings, and a look at that legendary Plymouth Rock Club of the 60's and 70's "The Van Dike" in Exmouth Road.

I was lucky enough to get to the Pink Floyd concerts at Earl`s Court in London on Friday May 18th 1973. What can I say? When I went my original plan was to scive off work on a sickie, but later I decided to take a days leave..which was just as well as my boss was on the same train to London as me...that could have been rather embarassing. First of all, here is the cover of the concert programme, and the illustrated pages within: Page1.....2,.....3......4......5.....6.....7.....8........Good are`nt they. Here is a scan of my ticket, it only cost 2.00, and that was a good seat.

If you like these and would like a better scan , just send me an e-mail and I`ll see you get one.

Next we have some scans of press clippings about these gigs, they make interesting reading.....1....2....3.....

Then here we have some actual concert photos. This one shows the hoarding on the front of Earl`s Court, this one shows the stage exploding during the scream bit in Careful with that Axe Eugene, while this one shows a cascade of dry ice during Echoes.

These other ones were taken during the rest of the concert, which featured also, Obscured by Clouds, Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun, Dark Side of the Moon, One of these Days. Photo 1...2.....3....4.....5....6 showing an early Mr. Ball.......

When I bought the LP Dark Side of the Moon..what an old term, on vinyl, in pre CD days, there were two stickers inside that many of you may have lost...well here they are.....light blue.......dark blue...

Or you may like this: a scan of the leaflet insert cover artwork for a 1972 RoIO on blue "LP" of Pink Floyd`s "Omayyad"...rare and very simple.

Perhaps even rarer are these posters and artworks publising non Floyd gigs at Plymouth`s (which was to become world famous) Van Dike Club where many famous rock legends played before they hit the big time. The Pink Floyd played here too. artwork.....poster1....2.....3......4......5. These posters were found stuck as decor on some sleeves of old black vinyl LP`s, they have also been doodled on in true 70`s style! The image on poster one is a true reflection of the era, be it good or bad.

WANT TO SEE FLOYD LIVE? Can`t? Live in England? Then see MASQUE: Masque are a ten piece Pink Floyd tribute band with two girl singers, and they are brilliant! Three hour sets! The WHOLE of Dark Side of the Moon, pyrotechnics, lights and smoke...even See Emily Play and Bike! Division Bell, Learning to Fly, Sorrow, Comfortably Numb and more.

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