a link with our past is lost - lament to Piskey`s Pool on the Hoe

also known as Shag Pool

What a super shot. Click on it to see a bigger image..it is has the least quality of all the photos...it was faxed to me! Youngsters at around the turn of the century enjoy the eternal fun of splashing in the water. The scene is Piskey Pool at Tinside directly on the Hoe foreshore.

The pool is still there, albeit in a rundown, i.e. typical Plymouth state. Note the wall at seaward. Only a few years ago it was in "as was" condition. In this shot in the late 1980`s HMS Bristol is seen riding at anchor in the Sound, just as there ships are in this lovely old view . See how the wall is virtually unchanged for so many years, acting as a windbreak to sunbathers. Then a storm damaged it. Rather than "keep our history" and rebuild the wall, a not too vastly expensive task....Plymouth in true "knock it down and cement it up" tradition....did just that. In a few trowel-fuls of sand and cement, a key landmark was lost to us. Staddon Heights on the left remain unchanged by time. Lost by those with degrees in this and diplomas in that..that they would not, and above all could not have understood or probably cared as to the part that "Piskies" had played in generations of Plymouth peoples childhood's. Piskies today. It had another name too, that of "Shag Pool" probably due to the fact that shags, a local seabird, would perch atop it, and dry their wings in the sun.


This is what you wanted, click here for a visual feast of Plymouth, my home town, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

I would like to acknowledge the support of Plymouth Libraries,West Devon Record Office,Plymouth Museum, Mr and Mrs Flinn of Buckfastleigh, Taw and Torridge Photo Collectors, Mr. Yachit-Brown, Dartmoor, Gerald Barker, Plymouth

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