Bonnets on the Hoe!

Three young women take a sunny stroll on Plymouth Hoe toward the end of the nineteenth century

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Hello from Steve Johnson. All of you have over the last couple of years made my web pages to be some of the most visited local history web pages in the world. This site is an absolute stunner. You are in for a visual treat. There are about 275 hi-quality images within this site, from the reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, and King George V. I urge you all to download them, link to them and spread them far and wide. This is the only way to keep and preserve our history and our understanding of how things "were." I get many visitors from Australasia and the Americas, and Africa...and just about every where else. Your support and comments have spurred me on to produce this effort here.

Before we go on, please take a second to look at this photo above. A higher resolution image is here. Please look at these three fine young women. Think of the world they were in. Women still had to achieve universal suffrage, the horror of two world wars was on the horizon. Man on the moon, was fiction, and as for the www......well.

We have come a long way.

These young women are dead. They have lived their lives from youth to old age. Who are they? What were their loves and fears? What were their hopes and aspirations? Were they happy? Were they loved? Are you, the visitor one of their relatives? Who are they?

The sunny stroll they enjoyed on our Hoe, a strip of grass known to half the world, is still as enjoyable today. The hats may have changed..or rather ceased to be fashionable, but the sounds of the gulls and the lap of the waves are timeless.

Although these women lived a century ago, they are only a heartbeat away in the timelessness of sun, sea and sky.

Much of what you are to see in these photos is gone. Plymouth to me has a poor record in heritage preservation and interpretation, and even worst in display and public access.

Plymouth history is alive and well in the hearts of it`s people, Plymouthians, like me. Share my history and that of my family with me by clicking on the link below and

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