British 1880-1960

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Hotchkiss, Gardner and Nordenfelt Guns with Associated Ammunition

Artillery, Fuzes, Bombs, Small Arms, Rockets, Pyrotechnics, Grenades, Mortars, Labels, Packaging, Boxes, Naval Guns, Cannon, Uniforms, Historical Imagery and Illustrations, all from Contemporary Military Publications

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  The aim of this reference page is to provide accurate colour/marking details to historical researchers,  re-enactors and film makers as well as bonafide collectors of militaria. To this end it should be pointed out that basically ordnance is designed for the mostpart to kill and that any tampering with live ammunition is a deadly and illegal game. Ammunition no matter how old is still potentially lethal. The bonafide student of ammunition and ordnance can locate inert/dummy/display items with patience, by sifting through the ads in collectors magazines and attending militaria fairs. It should be noted that "Practice" and "Training" rounds are not inert and can hold a lethal loading.

No correspondence will be entered into on any subject relating to live ammunition.

From time to time the colours of the items shown to represent the item will be noted to be wrong, this is because the original I scanned was like this, the false colour on the original artwork being used to highlight constructional details, by and large the external colours tend to be correct - as many illustrations came from identification books - it is the internal ones that are a little more "creative."

Such identification books can be found in bric-a-brac of the books used here was bought for 5 only!! Local libraries can often get them for you on "inter library loans"...ask for "Treatise on Ammunition, or Ordnance"..this has been the source of 40% of the images on this page, my library across the road...2 minutes walk!!!

It is hoped that many of the sectioned illustrations will print out well. This is by no means a complete listing. Most images are good to excellent, one or two are rather lacking, but have been included as someone may find them of value. Exact dating when known is hopefully included. Where an image is repeated it is because it is the same item but from a different original. Some originals show mutilation which you may be able to remove in a photo programme, this was done by units when an item was deleted from stores. Most undated items are 1880`s to 1920`s, the military hates to throw anything away!! Some are in superb colour.

Note Q.F. = Quick Fire, B.L.= Breech Loader, M.L.= Muzzle Loader, R.M.L.= Rifled Muzzle Loader, B.E.= Base Ejecting, A.P.= Armour Piercing, S.A.P.= Semi Armour Piercing, AA= Anti Aircraft, D.A.= Delayed Action, S.A.=Small Arms, S.A.A.= Small Arms Ammunition, H.E.=High Explosive


7inch Shrapnel    6inch Pallaiser Shot   Case Shot 64pr or 80pr   Distinguishing Marks on Shot and Shell.........Empty c1922..........Filled.............Empty............Empty / Filled c1906.........Filled c1922   Wrought Iron R.M.L. 12inch, 35 ton Gun   Shell Unloading Hole     7in Double R.M.L. c1872         9in Shell for 12 ton gun c1873        12inch Pallaiser Shot for 25 ton Gun....similar   4.7inch Parachute Star Shell c1933     4in? Star Shell  "typical" 6in shell        "typical" 8in shell c1934        Typical Shell Stencilling       4.7in Star Shell       8in H.E.            Shell S.A.P. with cap 8in gun Mk IB   4.7in Gun on test mounting    Shell 4.7in S.A.P.     Shell B.L., A.P. with cap for 15in gun Mk XIIA       Shell B.L. Common Pointed with Ballistic Cap for 6in Gun Mk XXIB       8in 12.5 ton B.L. Armstrong Gun on Elswick Hydro-Pneumatic Disappearing Carriage        12pr Shrapnel Shell c1918               4.7in B.E. Smoke  Shell c1943            4in Star Shell  c1943                typical B.L. High Explosive Shell c1943             1in Aiming Rifle Round              40mm Shell Q.F. H.E. (Bofors)     40mm Q.F. Practice, Tracer          20mm Ammunition types             4.7in H.E. Marker Shell c1943               Shell Stencilling..........1943.............1933.....       4.7in S.A.P. Heavy Mk V A   c1943      Shell B.L. A.P. with Cap 15in   c1933          Shell Q.F. S.A.P. 5.25in AK Mk II C.T. [marking round]           Shell K Mk IB N.T. for 8in Gun  c1943   Shell B.L. A.P. with Cap for 15in Gun Mk XIIA c1933        6in Shell Lyddite with Night Tracer          Shell B.L. H.E. for 6in Gun Mk XII AQNT  c1943            S.A.P. Shell and Smoke Marker c 1943    R.M.L. Shells      12pr Shrapnel       12pr Shrapnel..detail         4in Para Illuminating Shell       4.7in Star Shell c1933      Sectioned Star Shell

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Markings Naval H.E.      Typical Practice Projectile Markings      Typical Markings on Smoke Shell     Markings foe H.E. Shell - Land Service       Typical Markings H.E. Shell - Land Service          Typical Markings on Miscellaneous Projectiles       Marks on Projectiles to Denote Special Features......and similar


14pr Q.F. Cartridge   Cartridge 12inch B.L. Mk I    Cartridge, B.L. size 20, Mk I c 1903      Cartridge Q.F. Blank 12pr, 12cwt Mk III  Cartridge Q.F. Blank 3pr Mk V Cartridge Q.F. Blank 4in Mk V & V* Guns Mk II           Cartridge Q.F. Blank 3pr Mk V    Cartridge Q.F. 4in Mk V & V* Guns         Cartridge Q.F. 4.7in Mk IX & IX* Guns      Cartridge Q.F. Blank 12pr for 12cwt gun Mk III      Cartridge B.L. 15in 108lb Cordite, Silk Cloth     Cartridge Q.F. Blank 3pr Mk V & 6pr Mk V              Cartridge Q.F. Blank 3.7in Howitzer Mk I              Cartridge Q.F. Blank 4in  Mk V & V* Guns Mk II           Bag Charge   for 14in Gun.....similar c1944.......similar for 15in gun            Blank 12pr 12cwt gun         Blank  3.7in Q.F. Howitzer Mk II              4.7in  Q.F.  Mk IX, IX*, XII, XII*         Cartridge B.L. 6in Mk XII Gun              Cartridge 4.7in Guns Mk IX & XI*           a typical cartridge .........1...........2.................3........              Blank Q.F. 3pr             Blank 4in Q.F. Reduced Charge          Blank 12pr Q.F.           Cartridges for 6in B.L., 6in Star Shell, igniters and tear-off discs         Cartridge 4.7in Q.F. Mk IX & IX*      4in Q.F. Blank            Cartridge Q.F. 4in          3pr & 12pr Q.F. Blanks        end view 15in B.L. Cartridge Bag             Clip, Cartridge No.25 Mk II       Clip, Cartridge Q.F. 6pr No.12 Mk III

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Q.F. Cartridge Base Stampings       Igniters for B.L. Cartridges          B.L. Cartridges        B.L. Cartridges, Blank and Drill        Stencils at Base of Q.F. Cartridges      Stencils on Separate Loading Q.F. Rounds......and another........and another     Separate Loading Q.F. Rounds - Incremental Charges      Blank & Clearing  Charges      Typical Stencil and Markings -Land Service


Schermuly Rocket, Parachute Barrage Wire (AA) c1940`s.......1........2.........3...          Z -Rocket  3inch....early AA rocket.....motor unit......H.E. head.......1............2.............

Schermuly Rocket, Parachute Barrage Wire (AA) c1940`s....unretouched original artworks       1...........2............3.............wire / parachute container

.....different and unknown variant of above      Bomb unit and Rocket     Wire / Parachute Canister for Barrage Rocket        

2pr Shell "Pom-Pom"


Pettman`s General Service Fuze   `E` Time Fuze for B.L. (Breech Loader)      Boxer 20second Wood Time Fuze for B.L. (about 1895)....similar......similar........similar............similar   R.L. Percussion Fuze      Fuze Time No. 206, Mk I   "Metal Fuzes"      Gaine No9 Mk II Z          Base Percussion Fuze, Large No16 D Mk IV N        Fuze, Percussion, Base, Medium, No.12, Mk XI -metal         Fuze Time No. 198 Mk II            Fuze Time and Percussion No. 93 Mk I             15second Wood Time Fuze M.L.         Fuze Percussion, Delayed Action, with Cap, No. 44, Mk IV               Fuze Percussion D.A. 240            Fuze Percussion  Direct Action Impact No. 45P            Fuze D.A. Impact No. 131, Mk VI             Time Fuze  No. 211  and again but different        

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Typical Fuze Identification - Navy        Typical Fuze Identification - Land ......and similar    


Tube, Vent, Sealing Percussion Mk VI        Vent Piece Mk VII Percussion (in colour)   Tube, Vent, Percussion, .5inch MkV     Tube, Vent, Electric, .5inch MkX  Last two in black and white...1........2....


Primer percussion, No.9 Mk I         Primer Q.F. Cartridges                 Primer Percussion & Electric No. 9 & No. 14       


Tracers internal and external

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Tracer Symbols for Projectiles


.303 Ball Mk VII    .455 Revolver       types of .303   the .303 c1920`s

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

  .5 Browning S.A.    .303 identification incl. Rifle Grenade cartridge      7.62mm  S.A.A.    Typical Identification Marks of S.A.A.    Typical Identification of .22 and .310 S.A.A.       Early N.A.T.O. bullet symbol      Early N.A.T.O. symbols for S.A.A. packaging     Early N.A.T.O. Special Symbols for S.A.A.


500lb Aircraft Bomb  c1943     250lb H.E. S.A.P.  Mk V Aircraft Bomb  c1940        Practice Bomb        Fuze Percussion, Aircraft Bomb, Tail  No.30 Mk III     various Pistols   

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`

Aircraft Bomb Markings       Aircraft Practice Bomb Markings


4.2in Smoke Mortar c1942  2in Mortar Bomb c 1945        3in Mortar Bomb c 1945    4.2in Mortar Bomb c 1945     Distinguishing Marks for Mortar Bombs 1920`s    2in Markings c1944      3in Markings c1945

NAVY  MORTARS....often anti-diver / "frogmen"           Holman Projector Illuminating No.2 MkI             Holman Projector H.E.        4in 10lb Mortar...and fuze          

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Typical Markings for 3in Mortar, H.E. and Smoke Bursting         Typical Markings for 3in Mortar, Colour Smoke, Screening Smoke and Sky Trail            Typical Markings for 3in Mortar, Practice and Drill    6.5in A.V.R.E. (Flying Dustbin).......and similar       Typical Markings for 4.2in Mortar        Typical Markings for 2in Mortar, Illuminating and Drill Typical Markings for 2in Mortar, H.E. & Practice         Markings for 4.2in Mortar, Drill      Mortar Propelling Charges         Markings on 2in Mortar


No. 69 Mk I Grenade              Grenade No. 36M MkI (Mills Bomb)             No. 77 Smoke Grenade......and different view            No. 73 Anti-Tank Grenade


Fog Detonator ( fog signal )           Candle Smoke White Mk I            Hand Flare & Cartridge, Signal Red 1in Mk XIV          Flame Float Delay MkI         1.5in Signal Cartridge   1in Signal Cartridge         Fog Detonator (fog signal)    

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Cartridge Signal, 1in Mk XII & Cartridge Signal, Red 1.5in Mk VII         Signal Cartridges  Photo Flash, Radar Echo and Smoke Puff Cartridges        various Signal Cartridges     various Ground Signals      One and Double Star Signals       Distress, Emergency, Illuminating Ground Signals / Airfield Locating        Hand Flare - Light Long / Short & Projectile Signal for 3in Mortar     Thunderflash, Aircraft Photo Flash, Bomb Incendiary etc  Chinese Cracker Mk I and Portfire Friction Mk 2        Puff, Powder, Safety Matches, Thunderflash Mk 2 N2 & Mk 8


The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Hedgehog!!           A / S Mortar & Rope Cutter        Markings on Torpedo and Depth Charge

ROCKETS.........un-rotated projectiles to you!

Rocket Signal 1lb Mk III c1920`s       Rocket Signal 1lb Service and Rocket Target Practice 1lb c1945      Rocket Signal 1lb Red c1946       1lb Service Rocket          Rocket, Target, Practice 1lb Mk II         Rocket, Line Carrying, Schemuly, 2lb Mk I           2in Rocket Flare   c1943     Boxer Line Rocket       Boxer Two  Stage Rocket         Hale Rocket      Late 19th Century Rockets, Light, Sound        Schermuly Line Rocket......part1.......part2.....         Boxer Line Rocket       Boxer Line Rocket (2)          Rocket Friction Tube

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Rocket Motors 3inch...and similar plus 5inch          Buoyant Rocket, Line-Carrying No.1 & 2 & Rocket Line-Carrying, Schemuly 2lb       Rocket, Signal 1lb Red or Green     various Service Rockets      3.5in Rocket       Naval Rocket Heads        Rocket Heads R.A.F........and similar   


"Hooded" Aerial Illuminating Flare     Tracer Unit for Bomb MkI...and in section   Skymarker Flare......and in section       Flare No.1, Mk I, green with red stars    No1, Mk I   Green Flare    Clustering arrangement of 4.5in aircraft flares.....body unit........components A......components fuzing system............air pressure delay/time fuze (all c1944) note remark on Hitler "Fuhrer" stencilled on casing


HOTCHKISS GUN Ammunition    Ammunition and Aiming Tube    Breech       Fuze, Percussion, Base Mk IV      Hotchkiss 3pr Q.F.        Hotchkiss 9pr Q.F.          Hotchkiss Gun and Mount            Hotchkiss 9pr Q.F. Gun on Naval Recoil Mounting             Hotchkiss System

.45 GARDNER GUN.........1.............2.........c1891

NORDENFELT GUN    1in Steel Round Mk VI    NORDENFELT GUN 4-Barrel...    1in Nordenfelt Gun Mk I & II         1in Nordenfelt Gun Mk III           Firing Pin            1in Nordenfelt Gun Mk I &II         1in Nordenfelt Gun Mk III   (all images c1894)

NORDENFELT GUN 5-Barrel Gun, carriage by hand    in Naval Carriage    mounted in ship`s Top     with Field Carriage and Limber     Trail and Tripod Stand carried by hand   

NORDENFELT GUN 4-Barrel 1in Anti-Torpedo Boat Gun and front view

NORDENFELT GUN 2-Barrel Gun 1in Gun on a Naval Carriage and front view

NORDENFELT GUN 10-Barrel Gun on board ship


SPECIMENS OF AIMING TUBE / 1in Ammunition suitable for use in Nordenfelt Gun....1........2.........3....dated 1882


Group and Government Explosive Labels      Distinguishing Marks for S.A. Boxes       Red Label .303 S.A.A. for R.A.F. Synchronised Guns       Magazine Case     More Magazine Cases       Powder Cases       Clarkson`s Cases and 8in Charge in paper wrapper       Air Craft Carrier Catapult Ammunition and Stores         Various Ammunition Boxes q.f. 4.7in, 4in, 2pr            .5in S.A. Box          Label from packet Gardner or Gatling Gun 1882 S.A.A. (original is a dirty brown paper wrap sheet)       Label from 6pr Hotchkiss Rounds     .303 S.A.A. Box ......and similar Label from M.L. 9in Charge Bag c1890         Label from Martini-Henry Carbine 1882 S.A.A. (original is a dirty brown paper wrap sheet)   Label Q.F. 4in Practice Fixed Ammunition    Label for Special .303 R.A.F. Ammunition           Label from box end of Special .303 R.A.F. Ammunition     Special R.A.F. "Red Label" .303 Ammunition      Label for Small Arms Armour Piercing Ammunition       Label for .303 G Mk II Tracer S.A.A.       Marks / Labels for S.A. Boxes           Label for R.A.F. "Red Label" Special Ammunition    Label for .45 Ball, Revolver Ammunition      R.A.F. Special Ammunition Label        Label for .303 H Mk Iz  Rifle Grenade Cartridges - Ballistite Filled     B.L. Cartridges        2pr Box         4.7in Q.F. Box          another 4.7 Q.F. Box    S.A. Boxes    Q.F. Boxes      various Ammunition Packaging      Packing Label for Tubes, Quill, Friction, Short         Group 1 Explosives Label      Group 3 Explosives Label      Government and Group Explosives Labels   R.A.F. Special Ammunition   Label for Signal Cartridge 1in Mk V. T          Label for Signal Cartridge 1.5in Mk I. T        Magazine Case   Symbol - 1in Aiming Rifle Stores   

The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

 Filling Station Seal        Typical Naval Contents and Sealing Labels     Typical contents, sealing and batch labels, Land & Air            Typical   Government and Explosive Group Labels    Box for Fixed Ammunition - Navy       .303 Box  another .303 Box    20mm Naval Ammunition Box      another 20mm Naval Box             .5in Box R.A.F.        and another 20mm R.A.F. Box        20mm Box R.A.F.     and yet one more, 20mm R.A.F.           30mm R.A.F. (Aden) Box            Fixed 4in - Naval Box    40mm - Land Service Box     25pr Box - Land Service      another 25pr Box - Land Service     5.5in Land Service Box         2in Mortar - Land Service         3in Mortar - Land Service           1in Signal Cartridge Box


The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Anti - Personnel Mine No.6 Mk I & Mine Anti-Tank Mk7.........fuzes


Sea target for naval gunnery practice at sea    Bugle in music!!....1......2.......3.... P.I.A.T. Projector Infantry Anti Tank c1943      ..weird early test projectile..!?      Types of Driving Band        Fractured 815lb shell        Pallaiser Improved - chilled  Projectile            Schneider Plate after blow by from 100 ton gun      Terre Noire, Finspong  and Whitworth Steel Projectiles       


The following are generally mid 1940`s to late 1950`s

Bangalore Torpedo Mk 2 & Charge Demolition No.14 Mk I            Switch Time Pencil


Sergeant - 18th Hussars   West Surrey Adjutant (left)-East Surrey Sergeant Major (right)

R.N.A.D. BULLPOINT, PLYMOUTH - a former Royal Naval Armament Depot, on the Tamar estuary - here seen in late 1940`s to 1950`s  War Dept photographs.(NB. No longer an armament depot)

Working on 2pr "Pom-Pom" AAA in a processing room

Working on an aircraft bomb

Working on Quick Fire ammunition

Working on 4.7inch star shell ammunition........being placed in boxes..........note powder weighing scales at left

Magazine full of naval gunnery rounds...and I mean FULL!

Napoleonic era above ground magazines

American section: Sadly the quality of these is pretty duff due to them being scanned on a poor scanner and then compressed too much, however they may offer something to someone. They are all 1945ish to 1950ish

60mm Illuminating Mortar        2.36in Rockets     4.5in Rockets    500lb Aircraft Parachute Retarded Bomb          Parachute Retarded Fragmentation Bomb     Smoke Rifle Grenade          H.E.Rocket Types      a sort of unknown Fragmentation bomb thing!     Grenades     Ground Signal Parachute

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Any suspicious item encountered when, eg. out walking in countryside, should not be touched at all and its position noted, marked and reported immediately to the police.

No correspondence will be entered into on any subject relating to live ammunition

Note Well!

"ordnance is designed for the mostpart to kill and that any tampering with live ammunition is a deadly and illegal game. Ammunition no matter how old is still potentially lethal"