Far Above the Clouds

Aerial Photographs Around Plymouth, England

including Dartmoor, Rame Head, S.E.Cornwall and the South Hams, also the Channel Islands

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Showing Topographic and Geographic Features of Interest, in Town and Country, Land and Sea

For School Children, School Projects, Students and All Who Want to Learn-use freely as you wish

These photos were taken by me from 1975 to 1981 when flying for fun! Many were taken when flying from Plymouth Airport - when it was called Roborough! Others were taken during the various "Open Days" that Brymon Airways would have from time to time, and I would take a "pleasure flight" for about 10 and take a lot of photos. Because of their origin many of these photographs are a little "milky" ..being taken through the window. However if you play around with contrast once you have downloaded them they look fair and certainly good enough for school project work.


Coombe Viaduct near Saltash, S.E. Cornwall. Plymouth College is a famous Plymouth School in Plymouth, it is at Ford Park, which is near Mutley Plain. Not too far from here is the area that just recently would have been known as Greenbank Hospital, now that has gone it is just Greenbank, Tavistock Road is in the distance.c1981 This is Plymouth`s Barbican in 1980/1...boy has a lot changed! Look at how it was, and just how much as changed, from when it looked like this!  This is the Citadel just up from the Barbican toward the Hoe.c1980   Here is another view.c1977  Here we see views of Plymouth Hoe and the City of Plymouth behind it. c1981 This is the centre of Plymouth. c1980/1

This part of Plymouth is called Stoke, here we see the area behind Albert Road, here is the plot on which my house was built in 1987. Central to Stoke is a high open space, known as "Mt. Pleasant" it is far more commonly referred to as "The Blockhouse" due to its 19th century fortification. Wonderful views of Plymouth, the sea and Dartmoor and open countryside for mile and miles can be seen from this popular public open space. Moving along now we are at Ford, and this shot shows the area by St. Levan`s Road and the Gasworks. St. Levan`s Road is in a valley with steep sides next to it and steep roads. This is known as Keyham with rows of housing, here we see both Stoke and Keyham. c1981 At the end of this road is Milehouse, called so because it was, still is, one mile to the centre of Plymouth. Here we see Milehouse Road, Beaumont Street, Browning and Fullerton Roads.   c1977 Close to Milehouse is Plymouth`s Central Park. c1980/1

Millbay Docks is a ferry port to Brittany in France and we see the Port here with Mt. Edgecumbe in the background. This is the Inner Basin, much of which has been filled in now to provide accommodation for Brittany Ferries.c1981

A modern housing estate          Saltram House, Plympton, Plymouth           Estover Industrial Estate  Saltash     c1980/1       the A 38 road       Plympton Marsh Mills Sewerage Farm    c1975/6/7    a little further away, two views of a camp / holiday park site near Penzance in West Cornwall    Penzance Lido and harbour       Cothill Industrial Estate, Plympton, Plymouth           Blagdon`s Boat Yard, Laira, Plymouth        Budshead Creek at Ernesettle,Plymouth...........and again            Ernesettle Creek          Tamerton Creek           Budshead and Ernesettle Creek c 1980/1             modern housing estate              modern housing estate         modern housing estate               modern housing estate              modern housing estate             modern housing estate                  modern housing estate                    modern housing estate   all 1980/1         around Asda at Estover             around Asda at Estover  c 1980/1   Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover              Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover                  Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover             Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover    Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover             Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover                 Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover             Industrial Estate / Factory - Estover       Toshiba         Texas Instruments c1980/1  The George Hotel        housing at Glenholt        The Kitto Centre, now the John Kitto School              Leigham School, now rebuilt              housing at Plympton               housing at Plympton               Prince Rock Power Station - now demolished             Southway School  - now Sir John Hunt School.....and again         Plymouth side of Tamar Bridges        the A386 Plymouth to Tavistock road near Plymouth Airport        the A 38 dual-carriageway         Western National Bus Depot            Plymouth side of Torpoint Ferry              Hooe c1980/1            British Rail Depot at Laira, several views c1980/1......1..........2..........3........4..         Tamerton Foliot, several views   1.........2..........3..........4....         near Plymouth Airport        University of Plymouth sports grounds at Ernesettle        Plymouth Argyle F.C. and old Plymouth Zoo, Central Park   Mt. Gould,Plymouth   R.A.F.Mt.Batten - as was!         Saltash       Saltash           Forder St. Stephens, near Saltash         view over Torpoint           H.M.S. Raleigh and St. Johns Lake, near Torpoint          Laira area of Plymouth, Power Station and Princerock                                                                                   views of Devonport.....1..........2............3...........4...........5  ............6...... Stonehouse, Plymouth area       Plymouth Hoe            Freedom Park, Freedom Fields (as in English Civil War history)..the hospital is now gone            Hooe and Radford Lakes        Hooe Lake and Stamford Fort         The "Plym" of Plymouth        Oreston         Princerock and Laira        Plymouth Argyle again in Central Park    Plymouth City Centre         Plymouth City Centre      on Plymouth Hoe again c1980/1



Scraesdon and Tregantle Forts near Torpoint in S.E. Cornwall, taken in 1980/1  Two more views of Tregantle Fort.....1........2.......... Cawsand Fort            Fort Stamford   c1980/1

Old shell holes in the peaty soil of the North Moor "impact area"  of Dartmoor near the Okehampton Artillery Range....almost a "moonscape." This area is close to the Dart head where this river rises, it is very wet,boggy and peaty, the Dart being a black thin line through areas of sponge! From time to time is is possible to see the remains of former "peat cuts" where high moorland farmers would cut peat for winter fuel. The white on the ground is snow. All c1975-77 There are two Dart rivers high up on the moor, the West Dart and the East Dart, here is some overland flow of melting snow into the East Dart. This shows remains of early tin mining/streaming on the banks of the East Dart. c1975

The middle section of the River Dart. Here it flows through woods and moor. c1975/6

This is the River Dart lower down where it flows between forest and farmland. Ascending the moor we see it entering a deeply wooded valley, then it passes an ancient enclosure and then areas of high forest and forest and moorland before being supreme in the isolation of the high northern moor. c 1975/6/7

"Rapids!" on the River Dart. The Dart (East or West?) reaches the sea.  As it closes to the sea it makes a fine and graceful bend  and we see a former tidal mill pond has long silted and is now a marsh.   Finally we little islands of vegeation on its sandy floor.c1975/6

Another moorland river is the Erme. Here we see the River Erme in woodland and in two different moorland locations. Higher on the moors it looks different as it flows through the open moors. On the very high moor it is almost just a thread as it winds its way along.  This shows "stone hut circles" and early enclosures by the banks of the Erme...the funny yellowy wine glass shpe is not a crop circle or sign to ET, but hay but out as winter feed to stock!

Up the River Tamar you can see lots of abandoned and disused tin and copper mines, here is one and I think it is Gawton. c1981 Here we see a large area of old mine spoil tips.  Gunnislake is bang in the centre of many old workings.c 1981

The summer of 1976 saw a very dry Devon and Cornwall, water levels everywhere fell. We look here in South Devon at the Avon Dam Reservoir,on the South East edge of Dartmoor. When full it looks like a most wondrous and stunningly beautiful jewel of mans work within Mother Nature.  However after weeks and weeks of blazing sun and nil rainfall it looked rather different, just compare this with this, both the same spot! When the water level is this low it is possible to see archaeological features and structures long hidden by the flood made due to the reservoirs construction. Here we see the old and usually hidden bridge over what was once road or pathway over a stream. Look at this one and this to see the dry stream bed...of the stream that was there before the reservoir was built, crossing the arid and cracked reservoir bed. c1975/76

This is the Ventford reservoir at the same time, it is not too far from the Avon Dam. Here it is full, while here it is rather empty.   This is the area around the reservoir.

The Swincombe area of Dartmoor c1975/6/7/

Fly Dumping - a cardump in the country    An isolated hamlet.    Managed forest        An isolated roadside Chapel         A wooded valley       The Manor House Hotel, Moretonhampstead         Moorland       Moorland Valley              Start Point              Moorlands               Aveton Gifford?    Brentor        Trevollard, a hamlet near Saltash          a stream      marshland         Lydford Gorge       Forder Creek, near Saltash     Exeter Airport c1975/6/7         Disused Tungsten Mine at Hemerdon Ball c1975/7         a weir near Exeter           weir near Exeter                  fallen / felled trees       a moor quarry        Landrake near Saltash            St. Erney, near Landrake (near Saltash)       enclosures on Dartmoor           Dartmoor enclosure    a farm         my pal Martin Kitt`s Farm at Cumble Tor, near Trematon, Saltash  (if you look, you can see his shadow as he waves to me!)      another former farm house near to Bag Mill Farm (close to Cumble Tor Farm)       Bagmill Farm (also Martin Kitt`s)    a disused railway viaduct          seepage of a liquor from the Plymouth refuse tip at Cheltson Meadow on the River Plym  c1976          Campsite at Coypool, Plymouth           a cornfield         another cornfield          near Wacker, Torpoint       a big pond           River Lynher       salt marsh near Antony, Torpoint                 Cawsand and Kingsand           Wilcove            Wilcove            Warleigh Woods            Antony Estate near Torpoint c1980/1     Antony Park at Torpoint      Millbrook and Southdown             Antony House          Bovisand Lodge / Estate ( with ditch of Staddon fortifications at left)      view to Maker Heights   c1980/1         Erth Island on River Lynher     I think this may be that house that hides within the walls of one of the Maker Redoubts  near Millbrook       Little Chef at Trerulefoot         Little Chef at Trerulefoot   another pond           Trevollard, near Trematon, Saltash         Rail viaduct near Trevollard     Ince Castle..not a castle but a Manor, on river Lynher               Ince Castle..not a castle but a Manor, on river Lynher           Ince Castle..not a castle but a Manor, on river Lynher           Ince Castle again         a house along a country lane   a converted old mill            a converted old mill        here may be the Manor at  Wivelescombe, off the Lynher Estuary ......1.......2.............3.......c1980/1        the A 38 road again        Exeter Airport c1975/77  Postbridge, Dartmoor      Dartmeet, Dartmoor, where East and West Dart meet       the geometric street layout of hilly Keyham, Plymouth          the bendy River Exe near Exeter            The Kenick Reservoir      Aveton Gifford      Ball Clay workings near Heathfield, Newton Abbot         Buckfastleigh         Calstock and close to Bere Alston....the fields show the history and continuing presence of market gardening.           a Manor somehere

Rame in details; one of my favourite places on Earth

Rame Church     Rame Church and Rame Barton          Rame Barton and former Rame Vicarage      Rame Barton, Rame Church and Rame Vicarage          Rame Coast Guard Cottages          the actual village of Rame           Rame Church, Rame Barton and Penmillard           Rame Church, Rame Barton and Penmillard         Rame Barton           Rame Coast Guard Cottages along to Lookout Post   Rame Chapel - St. Micheal              Rame Chapel - St. Micheal                view over the headland of  Rame Head       Rame Church   c1980/1


Find a farm, bewild a beast,or even confuse a cat! I don`t know where they are either!!  farm       farm      farm       farm     farm      farm       farm       farm       farm        farm       farm       farm      farm      is this "ribbon development among farms?"    c 1980/1

ON THE WATER.......or rather above..or so I hope?!

This is where the River Erme meets the sea and makes a pretty fine sandy beach known as Mothecome. Aerial photography is ideal for studying tidal sand patterns as we can see here....and here......as well as this interesting shot of an old tidal mill? c1975/77

Rame Head in S.E.Cornwall seen from over the sea. c1980/1   This is a close up of Rame Head with the Chapel to St. Michael and old military constructions atop it. The earthwork at the "neck" where the headland joins the mainland is an Iron Age fortification designed to protect the settlement at the headland from attack from the land.  We look here across the land to Penlee Point from Queener Point.   This is the coastal footpath from Rame Head to Penlee Point,..what a view. Rame Church is isolated and totally unspoilt, and surrounded by ancient hedgerows and settlements. The area of rocky gullies between Rame Head - underneath Rame Church to Penlee Point is known as Amory Bight. It is an area of total beauty and isolation, it is possible to totally be alone among piles of rock and fern, with crashing waves and gull cries. Lady Cove is close to Penlee Point and there is a wreck of the "Coronation" just metres off the rocks and the gullies are littered with cannon and cannon balls. Here we see Penlee Point with the backdrop of Plymouth Sound behind. c1975/6/7

These views show the rough and exposed location of Rame Head. Queener Point is another rocky headland adjacent to Rame.c1981

The Eddystone Lighthouse. c1981

Salcombe is a lovely old waterside town in South Devon, in beautiful surroundings. It has a nice beach. There is a lot of mud around Salcombe at low tide, which has lots of rather interesting tidal patterns in it.

Seaton beach in S.E.Cornwall     Portwrinkle     Portwrinkle           Whitsands Cliff          Whitsands Cliff       Crafthole area, near Torpoint            Crafthole area, near Torpoint           Crafthole area, near Torpoint             Downderry              Downderry              Downderry             Downderry       salt marsh near Antony, Torpoint    salt marsh near Antony, Torpoint       over the Sound looking to Plymouth           over the Sound looking to Plymouth           Millbay Docks before the attack of the Yuppy Marinas!         Royal William Yard and Devils Point / Western Kings                Royal William Yard and Devils Point / Western Kings             Royal William Yard and Devils Point / Western Kings     Eastern Kings and Prince of Wales Battery     Eastern Kings and Prince of Wales Battery c1980/1      Bantam Beach on the Avon    Bigbury -on-Sea and Burgh Island at the mouth of the Avon      the sands at Bigbury beach    

Teignmouth and the Teign Estuary             


..in colour

Fort Austin, Plymouth......close up    Ditsworthy Warren area of Dartmoor        Giants Basin near Ditsworthy Warren, Dartmoor              Fields near Seaton in Cornwall, note weed on rocks at low tide             Housing Estate            Moorland stream - Narrator Brook              Moorland stream - Narrator Brook      Saltmarsh          Estuary         Estuary         Estuary           River Tavy / Tamar         China Clay waste tips at Lee Moor           Moorland          The Plym Valley            An Oxbow forms in a river            Runway at Exeter Airport             Cawsand             Green fields in a built up area      ferns on the moor           crops in a ploughed field   c1975/77

..in Black and White

a village         a liquid mixes in a china clay tank c1975/77


I took these out of the window of a Brymon Airways Dash 7 aircraft in the summer of 1990 when flying home to Plymouth from Jersey. They look rather hhmm....tropical!  1............2...........3...........4.............5...............6.........

This one was in 1975 taken when flying from Plymouth to Cherbourg on  Brymon Britten-Norman Islander aircraft.   Here is Alderney, taken flying home from Morlaix, at a guess in 1976/77


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